10 Tips To Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screen

Our eyes are most affected by more work on the computer, because those eyes are constantly looking at the computer screen, which causes problems like itching, pain, or reddening of eyes, most of the users head I feel pain. If you have this problem too, then follow these tips -


1. While working on the computer, keep taking breaks in between, if you find it difficult, use the help of free software like Protect Your Vision, it will remind you to take breaks from the computer from time to time, in this automatic and custom mode is given. You can set it as you want.

2. Do not stress your eyes when working longer than strong light, so reduce the brightness and contrast of LCD, but do not reduce it so that it is not visible properly.

3. Do not work on the computer by turning off the room lights.

4. Put the computer in a place where there is a natural light system. Provide good lighting in the room.

5. If you are reading something on the Internet, increase the font size.

6. Keep the computer screen at least three feet away from the eyes.

7. While working, blink the eyelids, this will keep your eyes warm and moisture will also be maintained.

8. Get anti-layer glasses made, which will give protection to the eyes.

9. Plant green plants outside the computer room and if possible, seeing them inside the room will also give a relay to your eyes.

10. If you are working on the Internet at night, then put your browser on night reading mode.

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