11. Advanced System Care Tips For Computer (must read).

If you have recently taken a new computer and you are also new to the computer, then you will also be worried about its maintenance. If you want your computer to support you for a long time and it does not spoil quickly, then you have to adopt some tips, so that your precious computer will support you for a long time. Remember, the computer will also support us only when we take care of it. So let's know advanced system care tips for computer -


1. If you use the Internet, keep a good Anti-Virus in the laptop, so that it can be protected from Virus. If you do professional work, do not put free anti-virus, it does not work well.

2. Never keep a glass of water, or a cup of tea / coffee or any kind of fluid near the fluid while working on the computer, because if accidentally it falls on the keyboard, it can damage the keyboard .

3. Do not format the computer frequently, doing so may damage your Hard Disk.

4. If you want to get good performance from a computer, then do not put non-essential software, only use software for work.

5. Do not place the computer in a cooler room, in fact when you close the room and run the cooler, moisture in the room builds up, which freezes on your computer's motherboard, power supply, etc. The biggest risk is your LCD happens, due to the moisture on LCD, black spots are formed, which can slowly spoil your LCD completely.

6. Protect the computer from dust as much as possible, the dust settles on the chip and the IC, so that it does not remain cold, and becomes hot and deteriorates, and dust on the keyboard's buttons will quickly deteriorate the keyboard. , Or its buttons get jammed, your DVD Rom can also detect dust Disservice, dust on its Lens can cause Lens to deteriorate, or DVD Rom may get jammed.

7. Never allow UPS to be fully discharged, this can cause your UPS's battery to deteriorate quickly.

8. Do not use pirated software and games, it also threatens your computer to be bad.

9. Never close the computer directly with the power button, shutting down directly and repeatedly can damage your hard disk completely. Always shutdown the computer.

10. To run a computer, take light training, otherwise you can spoil the computer by using it differently.

11. After closing the computer, if possible, cover the cotton cloth, so that air can remain moving.

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