What is DTP, DTP courses, career in DTP and how to become a DTP operator.

Human beings have been doing printing work since the beginning. Printing on a wide variety of materials from leaves to clothes and modern machines today is its latest development.

You can see printing work in the markets, in the streets, in newspapers, magazines, programs and other events. Hoardings, banners, pamphlets, information cards, application forms, visiting cards are all products of printing.

But, have you ever wondered how and who does all this work?

No problem otherwise. Because, in this article we will make you talk about this technique and tell you what is desktop publishing? And who does this work?


Desktop publishing, DTP for short, is an electronic art of publishing. By which communication materials are manufactured using various electronic tools. This work includes computers, DTP programs, printing machines and operators. It was started by Honorable James Davis in 1983.

If we try to understand the literal meaning of desktop publishing, we find that it means "the work of printing and publishing with the help of the tools on our desk."

And that is also true. Today, through the computer on your desk and the graphics program in it, you prepare various promotional materials for printing on paper. Which can also be used digitally.

Materials like pamphlets, hoardings, brochures, catalogs, business cards, logos, name plates, book covers, book designs, newspaper page designs, magazine designs etc. are manufactured under DTP.

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DTP Full Form - Desktop Publishing is done. In which DT means Desktop and P is created.


Simply put, the person doing the work of DTP is called a DTP operator. Meaning, a professional person who produces various types of printing materials through desktop publishing programs is called a DTP operator.

In our daily life, we see various types of printed materials such as books, magazines, banners or advertisements, these are prepared by a DTP operator only.

The DTP operator creates such a design by combining text and illustration with the help of a computer software to make it ready for printing and publishing.

The DTP operator working in a firm, company or organization, transmits information to customers in an engaging and understandable way with his ideas and creativity.

DTP Operator is a highly responsible post. Because any company or organization wants to convey whatever information to people or customers. It is the responsibility of a DTP operator to present that information in a smooth and attractive manner.

In fact, this responsibility would be so big that many times DTP operators do their work well, then half of the marketing work of the company ends there.

At present, Skilled DTP operator has a lot of demand in the market, if you are skilled in this task and you are able to give good design to printing then you can earn from it by offering your services as a freelancer sitting at home.


With the help of computer software, a DTP operator designs printing materials such as books, newspaper magazine vouchers, posters, templates, general etc. in an attractive and good manner. So that by looking at that picture, one can easily understand about it.

The DTP operator usually works 5 days a week Monday to Friday. If the DTP operator is a freelancer, then in many cases this work can be more if required. Most of their time is spent in front of the computer screen.

During this, he keeps on doing the following.

Creating new content and completing old work

Page layout page setting

Checking formatting such as size, column, space, etc.

Take care of colors

Scanning and editing photographs and other graphics

Together, prepare each material on the basis of the company and marketing campaign so that more people can be reached.


1. Photoshop

Photoshop is a graphic editor program. Through which you can create new graphics along with editing graphics. Along with this, web designing work can also be completed with the help of this tool.

2. Corel Draw

This tool is used to make newspaper-magazines and banners, hoardings, pamphlets etc. The local printing press shop in your city. There you can see using this software.

3. Adobe in Design

Using Adobe In Design, a popular desktop tool developed by Adobe Systems, you can create great graphics and page layouts. Using which you will surely be successful in sending your message to potential customers.

Through this tool, you can prepare various promotional materials like visiting cards, pamphlets, banners, hoardings etc. in superb quality.

4. Page Maker

Pagemaker is a well-known desktop software of its time. However, today its development has stopped. And its development work is not even being done by its owner, Adobe Systems. Because, instead, the company has started Adobe In Design.

5. Adobe Flash

This software is used to run various types of multimedia files. And you must also have installed this tool in your Windows PC.

6. Microsoft Publisher

So far we have talked about all the software. They do not have a tool developed by Microsoft. However, it cannot happen that the name of this demon company does not come.

Therefore, Microsoft has a desktop publishing tool - Microsoft Publisher.

This tool has been designed for those people. Those who run domestic work, small business and see all the work from marketing to sales themselves. Through this, you can complete most of Dextop Publishing work in minutes.

7. MS Word

It is a word editing tool. Which provides a very advanced tool for creating text documents. However, some simple printing work can also be done easily with this tool.

8. MS Power Point

This tool focuses on graphics to some extent and allows you to create pages like a desktop publishing tool. Therefore, using MS PowerPoint can also do different types of publishing.


Desktop publishing has become so connected to our everyday lifestyle that we do not know that this work is done by a DTP.

You start the day by reading the newspaper, which is the most prominent and accurate example of DTP. A better example of this is not to explain DTP work.

Apart from this, there are many such works. Where DTP is used indiscriminately. Some of which I am mentioning below.

  • Newspaper and Magazines

  • Browser & Catalog

  • Business & Visiting Cards

  • Wedding cards and other event supplies

  • Books

  • Application Letter and Forms

  • Advertisement

  • Office Notice & Letter Head

  • Poster

  • Pamphlets

  • Hoardings and Banners (Hording & Banner)

  • Bill Book & Receipt


1. Time Saving

Time Saving Tips-

Initially, the work of publishing was done by hands. There were many workers who needed to do it. Together, a lot of time was spent in doing this work.

2. Low Cost

Can you say how the cost has come down? There is a cost to the machines as well as software to do this work.

Your thinking is correct. However, when you compare this expense with the cost of the tools, workmen and time spent in the old system, you will find that the publication of DTP gets completed at a much cheaper and faster pace than before.

3. Change Possible

When all the work was done by hand, once the work was done, they could not even think of changing it. However, DTP technology has made this possible.

You can also change the same design many times. And get it designed according to your need. The matter of work is that not too much time is spent in this work.

DTP packages allow you to store all designs. Therefore, you can get the desired changes done in the old designs.

Font style

Font warning (space between letters)


Page design

The graphics


These are some universal changes that can be done by almost all DTP programs.

4. Desired Design

Now you do not have to depend on the workmanship of the worker. If your work is less efficient then you will have to run with less attractive designs. This is not the case at all.

DTP programs provide equal facilities to all operators. You can publish that which can be published abroad also in your country.

You just think and such design will be made. DTP allows so much.

5. Various Tools

I have given you information about various desktop publishing software above. All names are included in that list. All the tools provide you with text formatting, page formatting, spell checker, auto characterization, find & replace, color settings, printing etc. tools.


If you are willing to become a DTP operator, then you should know about the age limit and educational qualification.

Talking about educational qualification, no educational qualification is required to become a DTP operator. But, to work properly, it is necessary that the tenth or 12th pass of the candidate should be at least.

If the qualification of the candidate is more than this, then its advantage is that he can give his services by working in a bigger and better firm or institution.

Educational Qualifications: If you want to pursue a career in DTP, then minimum educational qualification should be 10th pass and work on desktop programs. You can take courses like Diploma in DTP and Graduation & Post Graduation Degree in DTP to make a full time career.

Age limit: Age limit is not given any special importance to work. Your age limit must be at least 18. Apart from this, the firm hires applicants between 25 to 40 years of age for DTP operator.

DTP Operator Salary: Like every job, salary in this field also depends on the skill of the person. Where the salary of a skilled DTP operator is more, and if you are new in this field, then you are given less salary as a fresher. If we talk about an estimate, then the salary of a DTP operator starts from 12,000.


become a DTP operator?

Since DTP operator is a field of creativity and knowledge. Therefore, in order to work in this field, the person must have some important features and functionalities.

Should have good knowledge of computer.

You must have creativity to design a better one.

Pressure should be the ability to work or to work according to the scheduled time.

Must have the ability to work individually or with the entire team.

A design must be followed closely.

This field should have the ability to work with commitment and honor along with hard work.

The artist should enjoy doing this work.


Today, in almost all fields, electronic equipment called a computer is used to make any kind of information accessible to people or to do advertising work. So as digitization is increasing. By the way, job opportunities in this field have increased rapidly.

Also, let us tell you that the work of DTP Operator is not only to convey new information to the customers. Rather, there are still many things that have to be computerized today. From a small grocery store to a big office, the DTP operator can offer its services. From this, you can get an idea of ​​the immense possibilities in this area in the future.

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